Mushroom and Ladybug

I’m a new user on blenderartists and This is my latest project.
Blender 2.74, Cycles render,Photoshop,5000 samples,Size 1920x1080

I hope you like it.:slight_smile:

This is beautiful!!! I love the composition and the color palate. The mushroom shader is incredible and looks really quite realistic.

The brighter image is definitely my favorite, but the darker one has a wonderful sense of mystery. My one complaint is that much of the image feels very realistic/stylized realistic but the dirt in the brighter image looks unfinished. I’m not entirely sure what can be done to fix it, but it’s noticeably CG and slightly distracting.

All in all though, a beautiful, well composed, nicely lit piece of work.

Really like this one :slight_smile: shame it’s not a full hd - I would change my desktop wallpaper :smiley:

The lighting in this piece is really fantastic. The large empty area at the top of the frame gives the little mushroom a really nice scale.

I agree that the rock could be tweaked a little in the brighter image. I feel like it might be a little too evenly lit. It might help to get some fine bump deal to help create some shadows or another light off to the side to highlight details. The rocks in the darker image which you can only make out the rough form of it look amazing so it’s definitely not that.

Very nice! I love the mushroom. :slight_smile: It looks amazing! The dirt doesn’t look as realistic as the rest of the image, but I still really like it overall.

  • I deleted this >:( -

Outstanding! Especially the second one! Don’t suppose you could render them out at 1366x768? :wink:

I’m really thankful that you help me notice this failure. I’ll improve. :slight_smile: