Mushroom Consciousness

This artwork is just a glimpse of how beautiful, powerful and healing mushrooms are. Mushrooms have been part of this planet for a very long time and they are significantly older than humanity itself. They are wise teachers, guides and keepers of true knowledge. They interact, merge and evolve together with consciousness of many different beings. Humans and animals are just a small amount of creatures that have had the amazing privilege to experience the loving connection with them. There is a Spirit of mushrooms in this artwork, and in certain altered states of consciousness you’ll be able to perceive it fully. I hope you like it.

Blender, Photoshop

Gorgeous work! Love the colour and space-ish feeling of this one

I really like it, it looks like it could be a really cool wallpaper.

Love the tiny mushroom galaxies. Great job!

Could you upload a wireframe or a image from blender? (before its rendered)
I just wonder which part here is modeled

Very interesting what you say about mushrooms. I’ve never thought of their consciousness as weaving thru all other life the way you describe, and it makes sense. It’s also amazing that we now have the tools to portray that vision graphically as you’ve done. Nice magic!

I particularly like the clouds and stars. Was that done in Blender or PS?