Mushroom fighter


This is a painted art?

Have you used Blender?

yes this is paint on the instagram, the user blenderartists invited me to upload an image to blender artists

OK but what’s the software used here?

adobe photoshop 2021

thanks for that anyway this site is focused on Blender works and that is why is named Blender Artists. Is place where Blender artists can share their works.

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Ah my bad, sorry! I’m not sure why that happened to be honest, but I moved your post to #artwork:traditional

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not necessarily just blender art :wink:


Traditional is exactly where it belongs. So welcome to the Traditional Section. For Painting/Drawing either digital or traditional. Nice work how many hours did this take? I like the look what technique did you use?

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This is a great painting, I like the illumination and the effect on surface scattering light of green hat and surrounding.


Hi thank you very much !!!

I’m very sorry for the complication! My English is very bad…
and I’m not very familiar with these pages yet … :slight_smile:
Can I keep an account here if I use blender, 3dmax, photoshop and v-ray for my work?
Thank you very much for your patience :slight_smile:

I made a sketch with a pencil and tried a round brush in Photoshop :slight_smile:

Yes once you create an Account its yours and it doesn’t matter for Traditional any type of painting or drawing whether digital or traditional its posted here. If you have models you make there is a section for that. If you create animation even if its not in blender but like I did 2D animation I posted in the Animation section. So yes you can stay in the Blender Community.