Mushroom Lake

Please let me know what you think. I know, there is no originality in the image, but I liked how it turned out. Pure Blender work. :stuck_out_tongue:

High Res Wallpaper


I like them both but of the two I really like the black and white / dark blue one better. I’m not really sure what it is but its nice to look at.

Very psychadelic, I love it.

Awesome dude! I love the ripples of reflection! Great Render!!!

Very good! The only problem I can see is wierd square like shadow on the larger mushroom near the top.

Dakka, the artifact you see is due to the low ‘error threshold’ I set for the SSS material. I left it like that because I thought it adds detail to the image. I can easily take it away if people feel it’s distracting.

I am also trying to decide between the two version of the images. More feedback would be appreciated so I can decide which one to put in for my portfolio.

i prefer the non colored one. but only slightly more.

awesome renders!
i especially like the first one :slight_smile:
great work
4.3 stars - rounded up :spin:

I prefer the first version. The colors feel warm and are beautifully reflected.

I like the first one best. Nice work!

Nice work…I like the inner light feel you’ve created. The 1st/pinkish hue would be my first choice - but both have unique qualities

Yes, the image uses SSS extensively. Throw in a couple of backlight, and it’s set. The blender internal renderer is just soooo beautiful and fast. The entire image (1600x1200) rendered in less than 30 seconds with 16x AA.

I like the first one better, it’s somewhat more alive.

bleh, i like em both :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw this on cgtalk. :slight_smile:

I say there is absolutely no comparison – orange and blue all the way.
Really nice render, by the way:cool:

I felt the urge to shamlessly promote myself :o And as much as I like, CGtalk has so much more traffic. :mad:

I like both like others, really cool stuff!

I like them both, though I voted for the monochrome as it has more definition. Though that’s why people choose for monochrome, because your eye focuses on the composition and detail of the image rather than on the presence of colour.

A 1650 by 1080 render would be nice for a background, eh, wink wink, nudge nudge :eyebrowlift:

edit: actually looking longer I really like the coloured one the best- it’s true, it has an added warmth, and the feel of the reflection of the water has an extra dimension to it.

wallpaperadded. :smiley:

brilliant, thanks :slight_smile: