Mushroom Pub

Mushroom Pub…

I’d love to get some suggestions on how you think I should do the underbellythingie… I like how it looks now, but I know I can get more out of it. What do you need from me?

Eventually it will be surrounded by grass, the chimeny… I’m going to move its position, and have some chairs tables around.



Well, I am taking my time with this project, and I don’t know why I chose to upload the horrible rendering, but it’s 6:30am and just wanted to share my frustration. I learning blender on the go. Eventually, when it will all seem nicer, this will be an 8 second animated teaser for an actual pub called The Mushroom.

The intention is to have it as a grassy field, the placeholder sign will be designed

So, disregard the horrible sandy texture (it’s supposed to be muddy. muddy! not fake sand looking with gigantic weird white spots), and the fact that the displacement pops outside the mushroom and looks kind of icky, and the fact that the root is floating up in the air. It’s still pretty horrible right?



how about using indirect lighting ( toggle in world buttons ) to give it some light emmision around the windows and door. a neon sign would be cool too.

Yes, but then I understand I lose raytracing?
Or I’m not too sure exactly what I lose by using indirect lighting yet.
Anyway, the lighting setup isnt complete yet. From the windows I want a nice yellowy light emitting, also effecting the bars facing inside.

I have a reference for my line of thought I put together in 2 mins.

Also, I just added grass thanks to the great help of

I’m still not satisfied with the flow too much, I’m having some dumb moments controlling it, but I have to admit to myself it is a step up.
I’m really starting to like Blender the more it gets complicated for me. oddly.


Well, I think this is a vast improvement over the last entry. I’m getting more comfortable with the grass meshes spread as hair particles, and added some rocks, which were contributed by a friend. Although for some reason, some of them are floating in the air. They’re also spread with hair particles. I need to figure out why… is it my part, or a blender glitch? Tables and Chairs also added, and the crystal glass thingies on a string.

Next step is fixing up the mushroom a bit more, adding more finer details here and there, doing final lighting setup, animate the grass and glass orbs sway in wind, animate the lighting setup, adding an ivy around the shroom, and adding the Pub’s Sign. Maybe a wooden door. Maybe some candles on the outside tables that will be lit when the animation of the lighting setup transforms from day to night.

Any suggestions?


Okay, small update. Started working on the Ivy, with the wonderful new addon. And started with the front sign.

The writing is in Hebrew, but it says “The Mushroom Pub”. D’oh;)

I think I exaggerated a bit with how it’s burnt in. I’ll tone it down a little.

Any suggestions or ideas about anything in the scene would be wonderful.


This is looks great so far (i would go to this pub lol). Main suggestion would be to break up the sky with something even if its just one cloud, a bird or maybe even some autumn leaves in the wind :smiley:

the sign is cool, the post needs some equal weathering though.