Mushroom Village WIP

Mushroom Village
Critique welcome!

Umm, I like the idea, but the few things I see wrong is the is the textures are very blurred, the stairs also look… Flat, the bottom of the stairs might look a bit better if they weren’t so squared off.

I like the way it’s coming along tho, keep it up :wink:


Kinda get what you mean with the stairs (will work on that) but not sure why the textures are blurred. They were painted in Blender through “texture paint.” Don’t know if that has anything to do with it? Maybe not high enough Res?

Thanks Again,

Ahh I see, yes Blenders internal Texture Paint system doesn’t paint it a “Solid” color it gives it that blurred look, I haven’t quite figured out the Texture Paint myself but I always get that so I use ether Gimp or Photoshop for my textures, good luck.

Not a big update but just tried fooling with the stairs a little bit having a hard time getting a great effect.
Any Suggestions?