Little picture i started to work on while i was bored at my job :slight_smile:

i like it it reminds me of noddy and big ears from when i was young.
only thing i would change is the particals that come from the chimnie as they appear to go through the object at the moment. and maybe change the sky color a bit. but other than that very nice:D

nice! ho do you do the grasS? plus the hut looks like its sitting on the grass a little

looks p retty cool…
sued alot of things…
particles textures and pretty good modeling skills too…
how did you do the smoke? was it done using particles.?

also did you oly use blender for it?

Mushroomcap is too shiny. And the lightning doesn’t quite look right but I can’t say what it is. Maybe the orange background.

it reminds me of my front garden. keep up the good work :slight_smile: