A mushroom made traditionally(kinda), got inspired by this durian paintover, anyway here it is.



that’s kinda cool, the mushroom isnt really mushroom shaped a lot. it looks more like an old person’s skin on a stick. Nice job though with the paint over,

hahaha that’s nice of you. Jk
But really, it’s good, but it would be better if it was more complex. You can’t really have a nice paintover with such a simple object. I see you tried to make it more interesting by smudging the dots, but that’ won’t cut it. Try to simply give it more shape, and it’ll do fine.
I also see some affects of subsurfing a tri cylinder. To fix this, delete the circle of tris and select the edges. Then hit SHIFT+F (create face, usually tris) then hit ALT+J (conver ttris to quads. This should do well…