Mushrooms on a Tree

Modeled in Blender 2.71, rendered in Cycles (CPU, i5-480M). HDRI environmental map for lighting. Blender compositing only, no post-Blender processing.

Very good.

Yup. Very nice!

Good work. All it need now is a bit more detail. In nature you don’t see just mushrooms in a tree, do you? You see vines, maybe some water droplets, and a few bugs :slight_smile: I don’t understand if the backrgound is the same tree, or if it is a different one.

Very cool…

You can almost touch them!

Actually, you do. They’re tiny. The background is another tree.

EDIT: The above photo is the inspiration for the model.

Incredible work, jdwrbanek! The textures are very good, and the lighting very pleasing and realistic. I’m surprised you were able to get such good results with only an HDRI map.

Additionally, now that you’ve posted a second image, I see that the modelling of the mushrooms is also very good. How did you achieve the realistic edges and intricate gills of the caps? The shading of the mushrooms is also outstanding! Exceptional work all around!

The bark on your second image looks incredible and the modeling of the mushrooms are top notch. Great work!

The second image is the photo that served as an inspiration. The first image is the model. Sorry for the confusion.

Also, a sun lamp was positioned in the model at a strength of 1., the same strength of the background environmental map, but no lighting rig was used. The bark and mushroom textures are from CGTextures, HDRI map from HDRLabs. The tree in the background is modeled with the same texture as the foreground tree. Had to desaturate the model image to make it look less cartoonish.

Again, apologies for the confusion. This is not a work in progress at this time.

Wow, the green stuff looks yummy :slight_smile:

Now that we have a reference image to compare it to, the modelling of the mushrooms is amazing, very well done. They’re perfect. I don’t know if a normal map could provide with the effect of these bumps on the real tree, or if it takes real geometry. Still, your work is great :slight_smile:

Very nice and neat.

Thanks for the comments.
The mushrooms are duplicates of an original mushroom model (gills and all) distorted to look like the references. The reference mushrooms are so tiny you can’t really tell they are on bark, but the modeled bark needs some help. Custom normal maps is one topic I need to work on.
EDIT: Just saw the competition results. I guess the bark isn’t too bad…