A little mushroom village with cute big eyed, green critters. Just a bit of whimsy while practicing rigging and character posing.


Blender 2.65
GIMP (postpro)

C&C welcome and appreciated.

Neat! Looks like a cozy place to live.

I think this scene would look better in a more dark mode: (you have lights but there is a lot of ambient light on the scene so it doesn’t make much sense to have all those lights, with a dark mode the lights would light warmly and the rest of the scene could be bathed in a slightly and very low bluish light as if it were moon light, not too dark so you can see some detail, but not too strong to loss the “night time” idea)

It’s a perfect example of lost all the volume of a complex scene with a bad light setup. no contrast, no shadows, no speculars,…