music-animation, wip and thats why its simple

music-animation, wip and thats why its simple and can you hear the sound-distortian?

one picture in a bit higher resolution

and the short flash-video (only 1.4MB)

i call it wip, because i think to change the note-sheet back from cloth-animation
to normal curve-path movement
and i still think about some funny stuff,
but dont know where to place it without losing to much view of the note-sheet …
(go the normal way with some screen-text-messages about what is playing?).

One question: who can hear the disturbing sound (clink-clank) when the note-sheet stops the movement? Any idea what it could be?
I did only notice it after converting it to a swf-flash.

there are a lot of tunes i like more, but all still copyrighted and even prohibited to whistle - but not this from 19th century.

all was made by myself, with the help of
blender, phyton-midi-import, abc-music, timidity, … linux

(only standing on the shouldere of giants)