MUSIC Anyone?

I want to make music.
I don’t want to spend $50 on some useless midi composer.

Blender is my best friend and it is free.
GIMP is my second best friend and it is also free.

But we need three rings to make a circus.

Where’s my third best friend?

Relevant to GE is this? Yeees.
Music for games you need, Yeees.
Played games without music have you?

If you understood this post you win the:
The hypothetical annual tribute given to people capable of
understanding this post.



here’s “some” few :slight_smile:

This one is nice for ocasional musicians:


There are a few free midi-editors but many are quite difficult to understand.
Though Computer Music magazine usually gives its own sequencer for free.
it’s easier and reads vst’s.
there’s a whole bunch of free vst instruments out there, including a mini moog (MinimogueVA) and an Arp (freearp or smt).
There’s also a free wave sampler called audacity, with a few multitracking options.

Also, google a program called AUDACITY. It is a freeform wave editor and has lots of functions. Good for making SFX

thanks oto and very nice but not everyone here uses linux

You can try

Website’s offline, Fenryal.

I found it there.

I think OpenMPT is the best, as it is easy to use and very simple.

Or, you can use Anvil Studio if you want to make MIDI music (personally, I hate MIDI).

Then you’ll have to wait until its online again :), while you’re waiting, you can download it already and take a look at the forums…

Ah…theere’ other Os’s???
So, this is a good ocasion to join the Free world
Brothers and Sisters do you know that you’re not forced to use…hey who are those men
in black…ahhh… ahhhhh…linux forever… ahhhhhhhhhh

Well I don’t know if it runs on linux, but Tunafish is pretty good… it is like $30 though…

I know of a lot of free music programs… but I think all are for windows…


does anyone know if there are programs that can translate midi music into sampled instrument compositions? like how many synthesizers use real instrument samples instead of faked midi instruments. is there a way to do this on a compy?

OpenMPT does this. When you open a .mid file it converts it to sampled instruments instantly.

i make electronic music long time ago.

there is a free sequencer called computer muzis , is ‘‘free’’ well 6 euros with the magazine ‘computer music’ . or you can download it on e-mule , then you’ll want sounds , and effects , so you need

Sequencer , Samplers and sounds , Synthetizers , and effects.

so you got muzys , and then for the samples , samplers and synths you have to go to there in the left side there is a botton it says instruments effects hosts , click there and you have to select what you want to look for , so chosse you want free vst’s ( plug ins ) free samplers , free synths , effects ,drum samplers all you want.

then you get a page with all the free things there are on the net.

bingo !

any questions ask .

actually I found kvr at I will have to look into it and see if I can find samples for what I am doing…


Also this site: has a nice list of different music programs…


I found the ComputerMusic “CM Studio” program Muzys powerful, but hard to use. Its a “mod tracker”, like skale and OpenMPT.
Though the CM dvds do usually come with a slew of samples, featuring different types every month, like drums, strings, brass, guitar, etc has a free version, including (at least some) MIDI, but is limited to short time and doesn’t include VST plugin use. Can buy just the plugin functions you want.

Audacity is good for “post processing” sound with multiple tracks, but you need the sound in wav, ogg or mp3 already. Can use some VSTs, not very well though. Mostly use for compositing tracks and editing the wavs.

If you know how to read music and/or want to write (simple) real sheet music, the free version of Finale (Notepad) is pretty simple and effective. It will play back the music as well, and there’s other $ versions. I need sheet music, so I installed a PDF printer, printed to PDF and then used a tool to save that as a PNG.

You can try MadTracker…

I still think OpenMPT is the easiest tracker to use. It’s open source, too.