Music Artist looking for two 3d loop animations for a music video. (1 sci-fi, 1 fantasy)

Hello there!
I’m looking for an artist to put together a looping animation of a spaceship interior for a scene with astronauts and an animation of a temple that a viking may be sitting in.

The idea of the video is that we’re in Virtual Reality.

It would be used as a backdrop on a green screen for the filming of the music video.

I have a few specific lighting requests, but we can get into that later!

We would like to start making headway on the video in the next few weeks.
If you’re interested please say so and leave some examples of your work!


Spaceship Interior


The animations we would need would be much more simple than the examples since there would be no camera motion. Just one static shot with some sort of looping light movement or something. Such as a torch in the temple or a light/something floating in space.
For more examples, just ask.

Thanks for your time!

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Hello Jake,

I would be glad to assist you.
PM sent with details. Please check it.

Warm Regards,
Lauren W.

Hi There,

I have PMed you regarding this. Please check it out.


Hey! Sent you a PM. Have a great day!