music/audio forum needed?

what do you guys think about having a section of the forum devoted to audio? It seems like currently, all the audio topics are sort of randomly scattered about. It would be nice to get some of this stuff concentrated in an audio specific subforum. Maybe we could get an effort started to provide some audio backdrops for games and animations. It seems like there are alot of musicians here, and many of them are probably willing to share with those who are not. This is a very sharing oriented community I have noticed, so let’s find more efficient ways to share more stuff! %|

Hm, I don’t think there would be a lot of posts in such a forum. We’re still a CG community, adding audio forums is a bit far-fetched.

We appreciate the suggestion though!


In the meantime, then, maybe it might be a good idea to make it the convention to post audio-related work into the Traditional forum… yes? no?

Maybe admins should try to find a potential admin with interest in this area. This would make elysiun complete. Anyway, that is my opinion.

i still have no idea how audio is added to blender animations…besides a song…just sound effects…i think a miniforum would be good.

maybe we should have a miniforum section where forums such as jobs and audio could go

nathan, just add it the same way you add an image sequence or media file in the sequencer. just press ‘shift A’ with your pointer in the sequence window, and select ‘audio’.

Hi !

I don’t use Blender audio functions. Even if it is a good thing to have these functions integrated in Blender, for simple effects.

I always use Magix Video Deluxe for post-processing. It is a sofware dedicated to video montage, with 16/32 (function of the release) video or audio tracks, and a lot of SFX. All video formats are supported (input and output).

It is not a free software, but has professionnal characteristics like “Adobe Premiere”, with a very small cost !

I believe that a free trial version is available on Magix website.

This is not an advertising message, but just the opinion of
an happy user !o)


The best free audio software would be Jeskola BUZZ.

Yeah, we should have an audio section too. Although we are a CG community, having sound in animations make them even better. Who has ever opened up an animation and found that it would have been so much greater with sound.

Not to mention, this would be great for the game engine of blender as well. Games have a lot of audio effects and this would be the great place to discuss it’s usage in Blender.

Jason Lin

Audio is non-3d art, thus it can go in the traditional forum.