Music box game

Firstly i’m pretty new to this forum, so hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’ve been messing around with Blender for a while now, and I came up with something I thought was quite a cool idea for a music game. I just call it Music Box
In this game, You are the green cube, you move around with W S A and D; press space to change level (and Q to fly in level 3) and crash into the other geometric shapes. When you do so, music loops will start playing. A different loop will play for each different shape you come into contact with. You can try and hit them so the loops play in time with one another, which is challenging, or in the ambient level, hit them whenever you choose.
There is no way to stop the music playing once it has been started but you can, with some effort, push the shapes off the edge. They will take the music loop with them and you’ll even hear the doppler effect as they pick up speed and fall into the void. Be warned though, you can also fall off!
Let me know what you think of it!

Download .blend

It is an interesting Idea. I am, however, not sure about the Fun Factor. It would, however, make for a good Entry for an Experimental Gameplay Competion. (which even exists, )
I find the Player Character way too light, he is sliding like on Ice and falling off most of the Time, that is just no Fun anymore. And the Music plays very, very, very quiet – I have to turn up the Volume pretty much. (Well, on the other Hand my Music tends to be too loud. >‿‿<)