music cd cover

This is an idea i had for a cd cover for my band. Even though i like white space and the other guy in the band likes it, i might make another version with a pushed over drum kit in the background.

I like it, but it’s too much blurred in my opinion.

I would also prefer something like shadows or a light reflection on the ground to make it more interesing - but that’s just my taste :wink:

Oh, and I think the title would look better handwritten used as a texture - the modelled letters look strange.

Enough criticism - as mentioned before I like it and look forward to the next version :D.

I like it :smiley: Looks great for a cd cover.

Yep well done…- :smiley:

looks nice’n’clean as it is, BUT - I’d do this:

make the text exactly the same color as fretboard and drop existing as a shadow or whatever-in-this-context (maybe a bit blurred, but not much).

hmmm… too bad you can see the edge of the white surface reflected in the guitar’s body.

The fretboard seems like it doesn’t taper enough towards the nut, but that may be the angle playing in.

I think the one thing that’s really missing is the guitar strap… just loosly hanging will do. And I dunno if the text really has to be in 3d.

Nice style. Might be fun to have the letters look like they’ve just arrive in a final curved position, as if they were a train of letters. I imagine a reverve C shaped trail they’ve left starting above and a little bit to the right of the top of the guitar. The letters would be on a curved track at the end, maybe they’ve even dug a little trench when they stopped. This would make a more dynamic composition and add an excuse for more texturing.
Just a thought :wink: ,

very nice cd cover… i almost have the same guitar gibson :slight_smile: but it seems too me the fretboard and the head is just a tiny bit too fat :confused: still a great job!

if you intend to print it render it in 300DPI resolution and convert into CMYK color mode. Try to change font of the text. And maybe some ambient occlusion? :slight_smile: