Music composition?

Hello, I have a few questions regarding some sound apps… I have Adobe Audition 3 as well as Adobe Soundbooth CS4. I know Soundbooth is aimed at video professionals that don’t have the audio expertise that most Audition users have, but Soundbooth doesn’t have things like multiple tracks. I’ve been working at a story for a short animation, and since most of my past projects were modeling still images or some little animation tests, I never had a reason for audio. I know music makes up a big part of animation, as do sound effects, and I’m wondering how these applications can be useful to a 3D animator. I know there are apps that let you compose your own music, can I do something like this with Audition? Would scores be a good method of adding music to an animation, since they can be easily adjusted to fit length requirements? Any help, info, or tutorials relating to this would be great… I’d like to tackle audio before I dive into a big animation project! I hope I’ve been clear enough with what I’d like to know.

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There are some great resources, some commercial, many Open Source or Shareware.
For Wave construction and editing, try Audacity, fine tool, very versatile. For Track development and Midi integration with Wave sample, etc. take a look at Mu.Labs MuTools. The “free” download is only track limited and rack limited, and the licensed version isn’t that expensive at all, but may not be necessary. All kinds of amazing VST Plugins are available, many free, or donation, to widen what can be done. Take a look at the following websites to get started: Audacity wave and sound editor and compositor Mu.Lab, fully integrated sound studio Great resource for VST Plugins, the forum is very helpful
Depending on what you need, this should get you started…