Music driven animation problem


I have a problem with an animation.
I have several pads representing a synthesizer (see picture). I want the pads to slighty push down when playing a sound.

My question is now:

How can I create one independent animation that I can copy to each pad so that every pad has that push animation but I am still able to move them or rearrange them? (Important for later stage because I want to rotate the stage on which the synthesizer stands).

I animated the push using Location-Keyframes for the Z-axe but that didn’t work.

Note: I tried the action constraint but that didn’t worked either for my situtation.

I hope someone didn’t have the same question before. I have to say that I was too lazy to browse through all the pages and search for someone with a similar question :wink: .[ATTACH=CONFIG]170067[/ATTACH] The red cylinders represent the local Z-axis of the pads.

solved it myself.