Music for animation

Where can i find ‘free’ music for background etc for animation short.
freesound project has great sounds and effects but no music.


I used to download from here

Magnatune has several genres. Downloads are free. Can be licensed if needed.

why not make your own music?

  • it takes a lot of time


  • it will suit your animation perfectly
  • you won’t have any copyright issues

BEAST seems to be promising :smiley:

Not everyone is gifted with the ability of writing music, just like not everyone is gifted in creating works of art in 2d/3d. But than again, just like some of us that mimic existing artwork so can we mimic existing tunes.

Some of us learn to use blender to mimic and some of us to create.

True artists are rare.

I have seen forums where people openly exchange music, in the form of tracks, and entire compositions, and I know there is more than one such forum. so just spend some time hunting them down on google. I think there’s even a paragraph on freesounds that mentions one such place.

On freesound you can also find some music ;), here are examples (look deeper for more):

There’s also some great music on All is free to download, & most if not all can be used in projects.

I like the look of that. But I don’t run a unix system (my PC don’t like linux :()
Anything like it for Windows?

thanks !
: )