Music for animation

I just found a great resource -

Can someone please translate the terms and conditions of this site in “simple” English.
Does it says I can use their stuff for free ?

Under their “Terms of Use” Section 4: “By using the Site in any way, including, without limitation, accessing and downloading, you agree to pay the fees designated for the Site as described in the Fees page which can be found at…” Looks like you have to pay to play.

There is a huge list on when you have to pay and when you dont have to pay.
And licensing applies to the time you receive physical shipment if you buy a license not on download.

Not everything with “free” in the URL is free at all ^^

Do you know any other resource similar to
I am looking for short music peices for different moods like - comic, suspense, etc.
And of course FERE

If anyone is looking for “open” music I recommend to visit these links (the scope of rights may vary) also:

And of course how could I forget this one.

Or maybe this if ‘Moby’ is your bag.

I’ve tried the moby route before. You have to submit a form for the song you want. Took forever for them to review my submitted form and get back to me. I ended up not even using it either. If you need the music in a timely fashion I wouldn’t recommend moby.

If classical music is okay with you (hey! it’s got all the moods you wanted), is music all in the public domain. The other sites people have put are grand too.

Concerning Moby’s one it is cool that such an artist has really open content attitude but for my taste all of his “mobygratis” music is really depressing and without mood change.