music format

ive got some music i made on a keybaord (havent relly but lets play prentnd) but it only saves as midi. what i whant to do is change the format to somthing like mp3 so more people can hear it
anyone know of programs to convert format. if you need program.

then i need to learn how to animate…

You need to render the midi. You using Windows? I did a search on versiontracker and found this. Never tried it so…

MIDInight Express sucks.

Try downloading ModPlug Tracker (, load the midi DLS bank (C:\Windows\system32\drivers). Now, open your song and save it as wav (you might wanna try playing the song first to make sure it sounds OK.

downloads dont work

A word of warning: MP3’s can be infinitely larger than a MIDI for the same song. Also, “so more people can hear it”? I can’t think of many people who can play mp3’s but not midi’s…

Whats most common format then?

For synthesized music midi’s are common among ameteurs, and modules among professionals or ameteurs who want to be pros :wink:
For recorded music MP3 is the most common format.

Midis (.mid) store simply “Piano plays C# for 2 beats starting at this time…” etc, so are quite small, but generally not very high quality, and the sound changes from computer to computer, depending on how that sound card defines a “piano” sound. However it is very widely supported.

Modules (.mod, .xm, .s3m, .it are among the more common formats) store the music similar to a mid, but also store the “samples”, ie exactly what a piano sounds like. Because of this you can get higher quality, and still have a relatively small file. However they’re not as widely supported. Most high-end audioplaying software, like winamp can play them, but you can’t embed them in webpages for example.

Sampled formats (either compressed or not, .wav, .mp3, .ogg, etc) store exactly the sound that needs to be played. These are, by nature, much larger than synthesized music, but allow much more freedom in the sound. In particular, you can record actual people on actual instruments playing the music.
They also let you put other sounds, like lyrics, over the top. This is downright impossible in midis, and while possible in modules it is rather pointless unless the lyrics are very repedative, eg a lot of techno music.

It all depends on what you’re using it for (the right tool for the right job…)

Incidentally, if you want to import the music into blender, it needs to be in .wav format (but can be compressed, iirc) - midis and modules don’t cut it, but you can compress a .wav with the mp3 codec (this is not the same as a .mp3 file, but a .wav file with compressed data - just like a compressed .avi is different to a .mpg for example).

:o guess im gonna make my midis into .wav

thanks for the info

Pro’s use mods? Nah pro’s uses the native format of the editing software…
I would recomend to use a professional software[like cubase and similar] if can get hold of one. And use vst-instruments to generate the sound(or a vst-sampler if you want real instruments).
the results will be much better. There are none good freeware music creation software sadly. :frowning:

easiest way to make your midis into wavs: click the speaker icon on your taskbar to get to your soundcard, set recording options from mic, to ‘mono mix’, which means input is coming direct from your soundcard,…turn it down REaaallll low. now open both audacity, and the midi program,…start audacity recording, and play your midi file. audacity will record the midi straight off your soundcard. save as wav and your done. you may have to clean it up if you didn’t do a good job setting the levels.

theres an old python script for blender, blended midi, that uses a midi file to control animations in blender using ipos, its at
it only works for 2.25-2.27 iirc, cause someone (me) :expressionless: cant be bothered updating it :stuck_out_tongue:

though if anyone wants to fix it for the current python api go for your life :slight_smile:

Modron: dont know what audacity is and i dont have a midi program(or i cant find it)

ill explain bit better

i have some keyboards
sythasizer with floppy drive
and piano
connectede with cables to give me a whole load of effects

i connected them together and recorded my song on the keyboard then i saved the song on to a floppy using syths floppy drive.
my problem is the keyboard saves as midi when i need it to be .wav so i can use it in blender.

Windows XP smelly microloft

I guess that you have a mixer which sends the sound to some speakers so that you hear what you are playing?
In that case you should get a cable to connect the mixer to line in on the computer. Check the mixers manual for the correct solution. If it have no examples take a chance and connect line out on the mixer to line in on the computer… Or ask in your local musicstore.