Music in different Scenes

I am making a game for a tutorial,
It’s a game using only LB and no python

The only problem now is that when i change scene, the music doesn’t change.
it just plays the same music as the first scene again
can anyone tell me how to archieve this without python?

Yeah, that’s what I’d like to know too

Can’t you let the controller deactivate the sound actuator before switching the scene?

i think i have a solution and it worked on 2.49

Well here we go…
i will explain what i have done on my bike racing game to acheive similar goal

The main concept behind is scene overlay:RocknRoll:

First you need a few scenes all with empty on it

And the first scene will be the main scene or controller scene and all other scenes have empties with similar game logic

in the main scene we add logic to the empty such that according to certain conditions ( such as press 1 to play music1 and press 2 to play music2 and so on) an actuator to overlay to the scene containing the music file is triggered and so on…

So when you press 1 music one is played and 2 to play music 2

i have attached certain snapshots for clarification and you can expect a tutorial on my
youtube channel soon


Hope That is quiet useful!
Happy Blending!