Music in the game engine (not a question)!

(Pooba) #1

Hey, i was just messing around and i got an idea. So i downloaded a mp3 to wav file converter.

I converted one of my files, and then opened it up in windows sound recorder. Then i clicked save as, and there’s a little sound quality button in the bottom of the save place, and i reduced the quality, thus making the file size go from 29 megs to 1.33 megs! And it doesn’t sound half bad!

I will now have music in my game!


(S_W) #2

Cool! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for the tip!

(gargola) #3

wow!..good tip indeed! i’ll see if i can do it. :slight_smile:

(saluk) #4

Awesome! I used a much more complicated program when I made the music for zelda, I didn’t know you could do it in sound recorder.

(joecool) #5

saluk, what program did you use for zelda’s sounds?

(SeaCigar) #6

:slight_smile: while its on that subject, where can I see that Zelda game?

(SeaCigar) #7

on another note, though, most games stream their music off a CD, while the sound effects are played realtime. Heh, you probably knew all that though.

(saluk) #8

I used the free version of Goldwave. There’s a lot of nifty functions to use to change how sounds sound, as well as simple stuff like file optomization. Haven;t done anything with sounds since then, really.

If my site’s still there, you can check out zelda at My new site at is almost done.

I also have an old music demo I made lying around somewhere, if I find it I’ll upload it. It’s a python script that goes along and plays a sound file or instrument at different frequencies to make different notes. If I were to complete this project, it would allow mod-style music to be used in gameblender, meaning much higher quality music options. My plates a little too full with everything else though.

(joecool) #9

yeah, Goldwave is what I use also…just wondering if you had something better.

(SeaCigar) #10

just a little off topic post:
lol, I like your game, saluk:)
ok, thats all:)

(mainman) #11

wooow…I had .WAV flles for my game that were in total somewhere around 7MB…then I ‘converted’ them to 11.000 HZ 8 bit MONO (or something…) and now my .blend file is only 1 MB, whereas it was 0.8Mb BEFORE I added sound…WOOWIE!! now aint that sumtin…