Music in trade for animation OR png

Hello there :slight_smile:

I would like to start off saying this will probably be easy, but any and all attempts at it on my end have ended up in failure :frowning: mainly because I have no mouse, and cant seem to find the focus. So here goes. In trade for this image of mine that I am requesting be done, I’ll make a dubstep/house/electronica song for you and only you, in videos, animations or anything else similar :slight_smile:

Great for youtubers or other posters of videos. A great song to start a great vid right?

Ok, so heres the image :slight_smile:

If you know what a light brite is, or at least understand its concept (light up pegs on a pegboard thats black and unlit)
then you’ll understand what I want done. Basically, I want an image of a bumblebee, made out of lite-brite pegs in black and yellow. In the center of the bee, I want two of its black lines that I have no clue what their normally called, anyway, I want two of those to be an L and a B with the B slightly smaller and on top of the bottom bar of the L. The bee can be cartoony, simple, etc, etc.

I’ll be using this on my first personally released album, and I want the color to really POP. :slight_smile: Thank you for looking, and I hope we can be of help to each other :slight_smile:

Sent you a pm.

Thank you for the pm John_W Any other tryers?