Music instrument, specifically holes

Hello all,

I’m posting here because I’m on a project on which I encounter som problems. I’m trying to model a music instrument whose english name I don’t know. It’s o sort of flute. My problem is with th noles : i can’t make them pluid with the rest of the curve of the tube. And I don’t know if the metalical part is good, I don’t have enogh distance.

Here are the renders with Nikon D70s ^^ :

the full instrument

zoom on the metalical part

And now the same thing in blender :

the full instrument

zoom on the metalical part

Tell me what you think and how I could get better holes please.

Ive made some tests on the same issue and the easiest way to do is de boolean difference between objects.
That’s how i did them in this clarinet (is still wip and stopped):

Try putting an extra edgeloop around the inside of the hole, and around the top (Assuming you are using subsurf…).

that looks like some sort of clarinet

The instrument you are trying to make is called a musette. Your filemane is incorrect; it is not a bombarde, although the musette is often accompanied by a bombarde, if I’m not mistaken. Consider that a critique.

Edit: Okay, maybe it is a Bombarde. It could also be a zampogna. Whatever it is, it’s a type of Shawm. I don’t really know, I just happened to have a book of instruments lying on my desk.

@Rocketman : Bombarde is the french name.

I’m using a mesh, so I can’t use the technique of dolver.

I tried boolean, but the result is horrid. I think it’s because I don’t have the last version, but I can’t find a binary for my distribution of Linux. So I ask here : where can I learn how to compile a binary from the source package ?

before the boolean difference

after the boolean difference

I know that the difference is not very good for a visible part, but i think that inside a hole u won’t see very much. Anyway, what distribution have u got?

Well, in facts, it redraws tho whole mesh with triangles, that’s my problem.

And I have got SuSE Linux 9.1 upgraded to 10.0.

What meshes are you using?. I didn’t have the same problem. When i Go home i’ll review my clarinet and post you an image of the mesh

Have you tested red hat rpm?

I finaly managed to get the 2.4, but I still have a problem -_-’’ : When I want to apply the difference, i get an error message : “Both meshes must be a closed mesh.”. So what is a closed mesh exactly ? So that I can at last perform correct holes. ^^

Have a look at this.

Thank you all and the 2.4 version. I added a subsurf modifier and it’s a miracle. ^^

Here is the “final” result. I still must work on the piece behind (I don’t know how it’s called in english ^^) and put it in a scene, but I do not really have an idea. :frowning: