music making software?

Any good easy to use software out there to create from scratch music?(preferably completely free) I am running a windows comp so it should be for windows?


You could try the Fruity Loops Demo, but you can’t save the project. You can only directly export it into a mp3 or wav or other audio format. It would be difficult or almost impossible to edit it afterwards.

would psycle be good? or is there a port of LMMS?

I don’t know what you mean by “port” of LMMS, and I don’t know how to use Psycle, but I think Psycle might be good if you can learn how to use it.

Sony Acid Pro (you can get a free trial) from what I gather it’s similar to mac’s “garage band”

you can get sound loops from Acid Planet

You can use Lmms for Win32 it is usable with soundfonts etc

I found a British magazine with an included CD that has 100 pieces of music-making software. It was just called Computer Music, and it was out just last month. Unfortunately, they have an impenetrable website: link

They prominently showcase a sequencer called mu.lab. You might try googling that.

reaper is pretty good. it’s full featured and you can try for free…it’s shareware…

I meant port as in one for windows not only Linux

Thanks guy I’ll cheek them out.

EDIT: ok Iooked at them and decided to go with one of these LMMS or psycle. Any suggestions also which one for those who have used or do use both was easier for you to use?

Try this one also…great features:

Psycle is a traker has no piano roll … LMMS is easy and in standard work you will find in Cubase and ProTools interface.

Trakers are for the ones that knows perfect the pitch of sound …some with some years in music theory and ears

I want to go with LMMS where do I get it for windows?

PS can you link me to some tuts for it besides the one on it’s wiki?

free , there are many free sequencers , i havent used them. there are also many free vst’s i use , like greenoak crystal , karmafx synth, drumatic, and many more do a search in , there you can make a search on free sequencers and plug ins (vsts)

if you really like music , the “best” one is ableton live.

thats what i use.

LMMS Windows Version here

A question for the experts, I was trying to use Superwave P8 and Synth 1 with free VST editors like Wavosaur on Windows, but I don’t have a keyboard (real or virtual) and I couldn’t get any tones out at all.

Is there free Windows software that has a virtual keyboard or whatever is necessary to get sound out of those VST synths? Maybe LMMS will do this, I’ll try it now. Edit: LMMS does have a virtual keyboard, but I still haven’t figured out how to get sound out of those two synths. LMMS does make tones with the default settings, when the VST synths are not enabled.

A resource for Linux audio:

Simple Windows drum machine:
Windows sequencer limited version:

i was messing around with lmms and it is pretty fun. I have no experience making music so had no clue what i was doing. lol. Anyone recommend a inexpensive keyboard you could use wiith lmms? Also I don’t think anyone has mentioned Hydrogen. That is a pretty interesting program as well.

Some time ago I was looking for a free sequencer (believing there must be an open source equal to Blender in the music world) but I was sadly disappointed. I tried Buzz but it was just so unstable (and awful to use) that I gave up. In the end I decided to buy FL Studio Producer Edition, and I’ve never looked back. It’s an amazing bit of software considering the price, and you get free updates for life.

The demo is fully working except you can’t save the project - but you can still use it to top-and-tail WAV files (or apply a huge range of effects etc.) and then save them out . If you don’t have a MIDI keyboard it doesn’t matter - every instrument has an onscreen keyboard that you can click, or you can use the PC’s QWERTY keyboard like a piano keyboard.
Download the demo at… and you’ll end up buying it :smiley:

I would suggest Ableton Live, because it’s complete, easy and creative.
But it’s not free …

I went with LMMS thank you everyone.

I am StrictProduction …in LMMS cool songs.

I use a M-audio Keystation 49e.

It comes with a trimmed down version of Ableton and …it sucks in term of usage and all, Flstudio and Reason are better than Ableton why ? Bad sequencer editor and some bugs in quantization.

Reason and Flstudio all have a filter on the final export of your track that make your track sound little dull , that why tracks exported from Cubase sound clear and crisp and from this 2 sound either electro either noisy , LMMS dont apply any filter to final export and dont mess with your final touch of fx.