music making software?

I had no idea that they are making windows builds for LMMS now. I thought it was Linux only back when I found it. I just installed it and I can’t believe how nice it is, its so user friendly that I had the basics figured out in about five minutes without reading anything. Very solid program so far, thank for pointing out the windows build.:slight_smile:

Hydrogen just released a windows build: To get the drum machines to all work , do not use the import function. Use 7Zip to open the files, and look for the folder inside with all the samples. Copy that folder to the drum machine folder. I can upload them all later if anyone wants them. All good Linux software always eventually finds its way to windows.

Hydrogen advanced drum kit has a shiny new windows version! only drawback, is that you need to use 7zip on the add-on drum kits. Unzip the first folder you see with the kit name, sometimes it is 2 or 3 folders deep. i can upload them all, if anyone needs help. THere is also a cool application called virtualbox from SUN, it will allow you to install Ubuntu, and use all the cool music making software in windows :slight_smile: OOps, double post… it did not show my old post yesterday :frowning: