Music Man Sterling HH5 - Bass Guitar

Hi all. I know there has been a spate of guitar models lately, but I couldn’t resist the urge to model my ideal bass. I’m not sold on the white yet, so that may change. I’m still in the modeling/skinning stages, but I’m considering putting this in the same scene as my table from a while back.

Here is a link to my references.

Thoughts and critiques are most welcome. I am going for realism on this one, so please point out anything you see.


A quick update. Haven’t gotten to work on this much lately. Please let me know your thoughts on the modeling and the materials. Any input is still appreciated.

Materials look great, very realistic. Your composition/lighting could use some work but I assume that’s just a result of it still being WIP.

It is indeed. I’ll be placing this thing in situ somewhere, but I still haven’t decided where that will be yet. I’ve spent a good amount of time on getting the materials right, so it’s nice to know it’s paying off. I just added frets, the nut, and the dots. I’ll probably post another render tomorrow, if I can.

Both the materials and model look good. Only thing I can think of is that the body seems a bit thin.

You’re probably right. I couldn’t find any side-view references. I’ll tweak it some, and see what other pictures I can find.

20,000 samples throughout the night. Still needs strings, and to be placed in a scene. I’m thinking I’ll model a combo amp to go with it, and I’ll probably place it in an existing scene.

Edit: after modeling the strings and adding a few other little touches, this project is 266,362 verts. Wow. I originally had the strings subsurfed to 2, but that put me over 500,000 verts and Blender was dragging along. I knocked the subsurf down to level 1. Still, this scene has grown into a monster.

That could actually be a good thing, if done properly, it probably means you’ve modelled it in great detail and that’s something that adds a lot to a model.

An acoustic guitar I modeled had about 420,000 verts (517,000 polys) and a Warlock electric guitar had about 800,000 verts (2.5mil polys) so I don’t think it’s too high if you’ve modelled every screw and nut etc. :slight_smile:

Phew… Go hide under a rock, you two, my guitar model has about 980,000 verts :evilgrin:

Definitely go for an amp, they’re very fun to model :yes: The guitar itself looks very good, though personally I’d knock down the tuners’ reflectivity a bit.

Maybe it’s all those unnecessary verts lying around. :wink:

I checked out your WIP thread, it’s a nice model but the final shot could use some improvement in composition and lighting.

Yup, I’m still working on that one :wink:

It looks pretty good.

So how am I going to plug that bass in? Where is the 1/4" output jack? Of course you need the headstock logo.

Thanks everyone.

@Ben_Lind - I purposefully wanted to keep this thing as low-poly as I could, my machine doesn’t like shuffling around a ton of ploys. As a result, it’s not exactly accurate. My goal was to have it fool the eye, and even allow for some closer inspection without problems.

@krokodyl1220 - before I turned down the sub-surf, the strings put me up around 850,000 verts. I just couldn’t handle that though. As is, they are normal mapped cylinders. I think they turned out pretty good. As to the reflectivity, I think you’re probably right. After a lot of usage, things tend to get some grime. I was even thinking about adding a little wear and tear to the body.

@Atom - Yeah, I realized after that latest render that I forgot the jack facepalm. I suppose I’ll add the logo as a decal. Still a little to be done!

Classwork has prevented me from working on this much - I was completely occupied with a UDK level for my Level Design 1 class. Hopefully I’ll have some time over the coming week to finish this thing up.

Let me know if you guys want to see any wires or anything.


Edit: Almost forgot -

I like it :smiley:

looks awesome! i’ve got a EB MusicMan Sterling - great bass! and critiques are most welcome. I am going for realism on this one, so please point out anything you see.

Finished the modeling, added the headstock decal, rendered some stuff. Let me know if you spot anything awry.

These aren’t final renders. They only have 1000 to 1500 samples each. This is more so you can see the geometry and materials.

Still looks great. It’s a matter of taste ofcourse but the metal parts seem a bit too reflective in my opinion. Other than that seems solid. :slight_smile:

Your composition in the first image seems very familiar.

Thanks Ben. I did adjust the roughness a bit, and I think it got it pretty close to the chrome in the reference images. Take a look, and let me know what you think:

Regarding the composition, I think I’m going to try to insert it into this scene somehow:

Obviously, there’s a lot of work to be done with that scene, but I think it will be a nice starting point.

Yeah I agree it’s very close. Probably just the fact that it only reflects black from the environment that makes it distracting.

As for the scene, well I’d at least make a decent studio render first since the model you have is worth showing.
Adding it to a complex scene with lots of stuff could just make it drown in there. Seems a bit pointless in the sense that you create a scene to show it off in an environment but the environment takes away from your primary content. Unless I misunderstood something. :spin: