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Hi everybody
I’m new user here on blenderartist
I would like some comments and advice
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Wow very nice! Is this more for photography or showing design?

I don’t see many errors. Ceiling of the lobby to the bottom right seems a little too reflective. Unless you are going for a glass bottom. To me it sort of distracts me because it looks sort of the traditional ceiling panels you see in an office building. Most of the time the traditional ones aren’t too reflective. Stairs going up to the third floor may need support beams on the mid support step that is connected to the wall. Might feel stronger if the stairs were fully connected to the wall. For the the glass objects did you use the glass shader or a setup of your own? I am just wondering.

Thanks Rob for your comment :slight_smile:
Ceiling: Yeah, actually I exaggerated with reflection.
Scale: You’re right, I’ve done a bit 'too light in structure
Glass object: yes, I used a normal glass shader
Thank u

Hi MarkD,

Very nice render. For some reason I feel the edges are too sharp on the walls and maybe could use a CTRL+B. Are you using an HDRi for lighting? It feels to me like the light coming in from the glass ceiling could be brighter and this would increase the overall brightness for a scene that has a completely open ceiling. That would also help prevent the neon objects on the floor and walls from seeming a little too bright. Great work so far though.


Thank you Areleli, i will try that changes :slight_smile: