Music needed for your animation or game?

Hey fellow blender users. I’ve recently opened up shop for royalty-free and custom music for those needing to add soundtracks to there animations or games. Although I’ve scored for ‘regular’ film, i’m very interested in scoring for some 3d animations and video games. You can check out my work and contact me at

On a side note, 99% of the graphics on my site was created with blender, so any critique on that or the music is appreciated. Thanks guys and happy blending! :slight_smile:

Oh…there’s a few free drum loops in the Mammoth Drums section and GUI audio samples under Audio Touch. Enjoy!

Update - Sci-Fi music released! Once again, graphics were done using blender. Really digging the post-processing fx! :slight_smile: I currently have room for clients for those looking for custom music. And as always, I have a variety of styles of royalty-free music. Thanks!

We have just released a fresh Atmospheric Sound Design package, ASD Sci-Fi vol.1. This is a perfect compliment to Atmospheric Sound Design & vol.2. Here’s a brief summary for those interested in some killer sci-fi loops!
~ Alien and Human Starship Loops ~ Motherships, Midsize, and Shuttles ~ Massive Celestial Space Bodies
ASD Sci-Fi breaks the mold of your typical sci-fi collection. Our team of engineers crossed the galaxies to capture not only exotic ambient sounds from a massive supernova and other celestial bodies, but were invited to sample amazing vessels ranging from gigantic motherships, mid-size, to shuttle in alien and human crafts. Complex layers have been carefully analyzed and mixed to give these atmospheric cues interest, yet subtle to enhance the mood of your game. Be fully immersed with these cinematic Sci-Fi cues and our other ASD products!
We also work with game developers for custom tracks, non-exclusive and exclusive price points. And a wide variety of styles of royalty-free music for those on a tight budget from ambient cues to fully orchestrated cinematic scores.
Warm Regards,

Haunted Nature has just been released for those needing some eerie ambient nature environments. Check it out out under products at
Need custom music? Feel free to contact us!

Sounds interesting. I’ll look at your stuff soon.

I will give you credit in my game if I use any of your music.
Can I use it in a game I sell?

can you do music like the beginning of this show . I myself am making a blender 3d animation…hey is the music free?

Royalty-free doesn’t mean free. For amateur work you can often get away with not paying a license (because most people are cool about it and would rather their work be heard), but if you’re even considering making it a commercial project you should definitely get the license worked out.

what programme do you use?

Great site and thank you.

Happy New Year fellow blender users!

Here’s a New Year update for those looking for discounted music for there animations or game.

I’m running a special on all packages of 25% off for the new year for a limited time. Feel free to contact us through for custom music and royalty-free music.

Hey guys - sorry to be out of touch. Earlier attempt to find my previous post failed and I don’t remembering seeing any of the above post when I posted last…strange. I’ve started a different thread under the ‘work/paid’ section w/ new info on my last project “Titan”, a sci-fi library so will go to that thread for follow-ups. Feel free to shoot me an email should you have question however Thanks guys.

Was informed the other location was not the place to offer services, so back to here! :slight_smile:

Very cool update guys - New product ‘Rockstars! Character Music’ has just been released. I’m also running a Memorial Day Special up till May 31. (For those interested, the youtube video was all done in Blender. Cycles (cpu) took about 24hrs to render the 12 second glass rotation. I believe I had it set to 250 passes as you can see some of the roughness on a few edges there. The NLA was very sluggish for me to work with, however, this is my first attempt to try anything like this so perhaps i’m just not use it and would approach things a bit differently in the future. I see some errors, but had to finally say enough was enough and push it through. Perhaps if I do another It’ll be more polished / professional. -i930 @ 2.92 GHz , 12 Gigs Ram)

Here’s a quick list of products @ at a special price.

Kindgom of Light Basic, Standard, & Premium Editions (Cinematic RPG Orchestral)
Rockstars! Character Music (Various Genres Loops from 30-90 seconds)
Titan (Sci-fi)
Epic Battles (Cinematic)
Mammoth Drums (Drum Loops - Epic style)
Audio Touch (GUI sounds w/ Transitions)

Hit me up through my site if you’re looking for custom music for your next video game OR multimedia project. Have a safe weekend guys!

Peter Gunder

What did you compose the music with? I really like listening to the sci fi music :slight_smile:

Hey there. I use Logic for most of my synth sounds and EWQL for orchestral work which is done in Cubase. :slight_smile:

so you use EWQL?
cool! I’m hoping I can get that soon. Time to grow out of Garageband. :slight_smile:

Yep, EWQL makes some pretty good sample libraries. Fortunately there’s more competition today then there was years ago so that brings prices down! :slight_smile: Might check out Kontakt. I have an old Kontakt 2, but it came with some great sounding strings from VSL and a few other nice orchestra samples. Limited, but I still use them frequently with a nice verb, especially the strings.

Hey blenderheads, I’m having a summer sale for those who do video games and film. 20% off all music libraries and songs can be purchased separately as always. If you’re needing custom music, shoot me an email through my website and we can discuss it further. Thanks!

Peter Gunder

For those needing some high-quality music for a deep discount. I’m running a sale through August. Up to 50% off all music libraries. Need custom music? Contact me for pricing. thx!


I’m wrapping up a sci-fi game. Looking for some professional work. For those needing custom music for their animation, game, or other multi-media projects, shoot me an email. Cheers!


Hey guys.

I have room for more clients for those needing a custom soundtrack. I have a fairly large selection of royalty-free music to offer as well for those on a tight budget and for those who want to hear what type of music I produce. Thanks!