Music notes background (for video editing).

Well i created a video of a piano concert.
And I was in the need for a non specific background movie track, to play behind titles of songs.
So i created the video below using blender 2.71
I like to share the blendfile itself too so if you want to use it, or alter it go ahead.
If you have some other nice effect over it, please post it in this forum thread as well.

Here is a still image the movie and blend file.

For the blend file the only things that might be a bit strange, is that the main camera is looking from the bottem side.
Perhaps a top view cam would have been more logical to use, but i only noticed it when i was done rendering.
The render settings are not that extreme, so i you like you could render it with higher sample quality but this was fine for me. The music notes where handmade here, its not a special font. And they are particles moving as biots and a wind effect


music.blend (914 KB)

Nice effect. Some colour in the notes may add to the visual look.