Music Of The Realms.....Post Your Music here!

ok, im not sure if i can post this here but this is the forum for non 3D artwork, and the way i see it, music is art.

so, you can hear some of my first peices (please dont steal them, because i am planning to use it)

i will keep you updated!
everybody, post your music here, lets see what you have!

anyway, here they are!

Ice World

Frozen Ocean


i can do some cool sound effects too!, i will upload them soon!

here is one i call Tension

here’s some great and Free tools to lower the size of your files ( ogg encoder)

ok, thanks, i will try that soon, when i have some time.

Sounds to me as if you trying to create backgroundmusic for a game, and that you are using crapy tools.
If you can use vsti´s there are literaly hundreds aviable for free.( If you put aside the crapy ones, and thouse that crashes your pc, you end up with about 40 nice plugins.)
If you need a vst host, i recomend EnergyXT. You can try it for free. (Only limitation is that you can´t load any projects, you can save it thoug)

Here are some mp3´s created with EnergyXT and some free VSTI´s.

A moody Loop for a creapy atmosphere…
March with Fear Ambient loop

and Background Music based on that Loop…
March with Fear Background Music

If you like it use it! (Under the Condition that you let me know what you have done with it!)

Have Fun!