music on website. is it leagal?

I am making my website but I don’t know if it is legal to put music on it.
The music would be from a band that sells CD’s so do I have to pay copyrights or something?
Also you will not be able to download the music, it will only be played on the website.

by having it played on the website you are downloading the music

technically unless you play a sufficently small clip [like 10 seconds or something else really small] you’d have to talk with the artist about it

The best way to go is just to not put it on your site anyway. I HATE HATE HATE sites that play music in the background. I have my own collection of music for that purpose…

thank you both for your answers.
i agree it is anoying when there is music but i was going to make it able to play and stop the music.

Yep the music would be ilegal if you put it on your site. Depending on the country you live in that is.

Anyway websites with music are annoying, it takes a good long time for the site to fully load. :-?

It depends in what country???
So that means if I leave in a country where it is legal I can put any music? Or the creator of the music needs to be in the country that is legal?

I live in Switzerland do you know if it is legal?

The music would be separate from the website so you would be able to go on the website will the music is loading (if it will work) so I think the loading might not bother too much.

It depends on where the server is, thats sending the information. Dont ask me what countries allow it. Probably India, China etc…

ow ok than thanks all of you for you answers.
I don’t think i ll put music.