music ownership PLEASE HELP

hey guys, the game im making is NOT profitable, im not selling it, though i have plans on putting it online, but i still feel i cant do that because i keep hearing about licenses being a problem, i have an op ivy song and a eiffel 65 song (the only songs in my game so far that are not free songs), what im basically looking for is and answer to: is it illegal to put these songs in my game and post it online, and if so what do i have to do to make it legal


p.s. im only posting this cause i dont feel like getting sued for a chillion dollars today lol

I have no idea what that songs are, but in any doubt you need to ask the owner of the copyright for permission. Which is usually the one who produced it. Maybe he/she gave the rights away to a third party (licencing).
If you have no further information, you can’t assume it is free, or you have the right to distribute.
It does not matter if you sell or not. It is the fact that you use it and distribute to the public.

If you need music there were a few threads at the Game Engine Resource forum offering service for Game music. You can ask there.

alright awesome good thing i didnt lol thanks

Unless Ivy and Eiffel are allowing free use of their songs (99.999% unlikely here), then you will need to seek permission from the record companies or buy a license to use the music.

alright cool thanks, in your opinion, on a scale of 1-10 how much do you think a license cost to a song, sorry if i sound stupid, its just the only licenses im familiar with are 3ds max licenses lol