music production software

Ive scowered the web for a free music production software and Im always turning up emtey.Can anyone help me?

Take a look:


I personally have used Buzz and Audacity some in the past, but have also used things like anvil studio as well. Just read through some of those threads and you can get an idea of what is out there.

It depends how powerful you need. Audacity is pretty basic music recording software, Garageband ( ) is much more powerful (probably the cheapest solution if you have a Mac around).

For any kind of serious music software, you’ll need something with multi-track editing and mixing. I don’t think Audacity is good enough there.

If you want to score video you can’t do it for free afaik.

Cubase SE is fairly cheap, if you are on windows, look into Magix Music Studio: it has (a little crippled, up to 24bit) but nevertheless - Samplitude audio engine.

Hint: 70% of released chart music is mastered by the means of Magix audio engine (Sequoia). Look up Sterling Mastering and their client portfolio.

>>> I don’t think Audacity is good enough there
Can be done, but you need a lot of disk space for Audacity.

Personally, I did quite some work with older version of Samplitude and while some ppl say it’s cumbersome compared to Nuendo or Protools, it was a pleasure to work with - pro sound out of the box.

I saw a screengrab of Samplitude running in wine. Which means I gotta get my hands on a copy.

If you don’t mind spending a little money, I think its $99 USD, you could get FrootyLoops :slight_smile: thats great for making some awesome techno lol.

if you’re on mac or Linux, ardour is great for a multitracker:

Ok then Ill get FruityLoops.My cousin already has the software and I have a little bit of Knowlege of how it works.I just wanted to know if there are any free software that can measure up to it.I use Windows 98 so that
automaticaly cuts all the stuff mentioned in half and i need somthing else that is free easy to use with only abit of instructions so for music editing Im getting Audacity


Check out n-track

I wonder why no-one ever mentions “protools free” protools is the old favourite for pro studios and there is a free version (8 tracks only though), the best for audio, not great for midi.

if you want protools, get m-audio card, protools le m-powered and 2nd hand uad-1 (btw I mentioned prootools already).

ptfree wants windows 98/me. apparently it can’t be run under wine.

One of the Summer of Code proposals was to port Ardour to Windows. For some reason I can’t link the page, so search for Summer of Code and select Ardour.

yes you did… but you neglected to mention there is a free version which I think was what he was looking for… I was talking in a general sense btw, hadn’t read that closely… m-audio’s great indeed… I used to own a couple delta 1010’s a few years ago… lovely quality.

If you’re doing any MIDI don’t bother with Audacity because it has no support for MIDI. There are a couple of freebies out there but I don’t have a list here at work. And if you’re buying something inexpensive there are several choices, including the above-mentioned Fruity Loops, which is available at 3 or 4 levels of capability at varying prices, and Sony ACID has an entry level version for around $70. Hope this helps.