Music Room

Hey, this is my first time posting here. This is a render of a music room I did as part of a room modeling series.


Looks nice, though the DoF is far too much for my tastes on a scene of this size.

Kudos on getting a couple of Pink Floyd albums in there, though.

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Good stuff!

Those toms and cymbals look like they’ve never been played tho- a little roughness for sweat and maybe some scratches will go a long way. Same goes for the heads.

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Thanks for the tips! I’ll try to improve it, really love this scene.

Thanks a lot!

I’ll keep in mind to change the DoF when I try to improve the scene so I can see how it looks.

Glad you liked the Pink Floyd detail! :grin:

I know. Many will criticise me for it, but I prefer Wish You Were Here to Dark Side of the Moon, so I’m glad you got that full frame :slight_smile:

The problem with heavy DoF on a room sized scene is if you overdo it,it starts to look like a minature.

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I’d never noticed the effect you say with the DoF in scenes like this. I’ll take a look! Sometimes I notice something is missing from the scene but don’t know what it is. I have a lot to learn! I’m thinking of improving this scene and making renders from other parts of the room, so I’ll try what you say and also improve the textures, light, etc.

Wish You Were Here is superior n every way!

Shine on!