Music room

(Marius) #1

Hey all! First thread and new to Blender, so any and all tips, please explain thoroughly! Thank you!

This room is based on my cousin’s music room. It’s a very long room, almost resembling a hallway and I wondered how I would like it to be.

Obviously the amount of instruments is lacking, but so far it has purely been about lighting and trying to find a good balance between inside, outside and having the curtains join the two spaces.

The aim isn’t super realism, but if I could get to that using extremely low poly stuff, then you bet I’m gonna try! Any and all feedback welcome!!

The above was just a quick render. This one is at 20 samples on the sun lamp from outside and 20 samples from the point lamp inside. The sun still seems too bright and the wood to harsh, so the sun has to come down and the wood needs to be softened.

Stuff I like about it:

  • The carpet: It just looks so soft!!
  • The piano: I modeled it and kept it low poly (even did all the keys, but the key cover is closed here, maybe open it for a different render). Just because it’s low poly doesn’t mean it looks it (not to me, except in the back inside). I think it fits well, but something around it needs adjusting, because the room sort of over powers it right now.
  • The curtains: I used Inkscape to generate a single texture and repeat mapped it for the blue and the transparent. The wavy-ness was done using the displace and subdivision modifiers. Could do with some fine-tuning though (looks too soft at the top, where it should be more scrunched up).
  • The fake grass: It’s just a cloud texture with extreme normal influence and some other adjustments!
  • UV’s: No UV’s were used or harmed during this project.

Stuff that needs to be added and fixed:

  • Guitar
  • A bookshelf
  • More seating
  • I’m thinking of adding a Persian-type carpet or something more simple in pattern.
  • Ooh, possibly adding an electrical outlet will also add a bit of a boost to the realism, especially something plugged in with the wire running down the wall skirting.
  • Texturing lacking on the walls and also the carpet.
  • The blue curtain has some of the pattern hanging very low.
  • Transparent curtain could use more intense wavey-ness.
  • The one painting has a black side, that needs to be fixed.
  • DOF and other compositing stuff. Possibly a higher anti-aliasing.

The below is a high-light-sampled (if that makes sense) render (59:29.99 (

PS, my PC isn’t the fastest, so keep suggestions low on the CPU please.

(Marius) #2

Just to correct myself on the above. The first image is at 2 samples per lamp and the lower one on 20 samples per lamp.

(Marius) #3

The above is where I added the guitars, but they don’t seem to fit that corner. It’s like they were just placed there to be out of the way, instead of really adding to the space. Where they are now, I want to add the bookshelf mentioned on the first post. We’ll see!

This is also a low sampled image.

(Marius) #4

Now this is an arrangement on the guitars I can live with!!! BUT, I still want the bookshelf there so maybe one can remain on the wall. What do you think of the overall image so far?

(Don’t know how long this took to render, but probably close to an hour, maybe more since the guitars are also in). Btw, I also added texture to the walls and to the carpet. Still just looks so soft!!! Luv the carpet!!!

(Chapel) #5

Good work so far.
Lighting on piano is too dark to notice details so it’s hard to comment on that.
Did you use any particular guitar as reference? It seems a bit oddly shaped - especially the top half.
Also, the deck seems “round” or soft on the edges.
I like the overall composition - good idea with the electrical outlet. Maybe consider placing a lamp by the piano, so the pianist can read the sheetmusic?



(Apptux) #6

Looks nice! But it’s still very dark under the piano, and the holes of the guitars should be bigger (my opinion, I actually suck at music) and edges should be sharper. Also the paintings are a bit too thick. Keep it up!

(Marius) #7

@Chapel: Thank you!

I thought the piano was a little too in the corner as well, but adding more light there should work.

I know what you mean on the guitar. It’s shape is off, but this was the first time modeling it. The hole is too low (the hole should be halfway up the side in-curve). The top is also too big.

I used it for two reasons:

  1. It was part of an image I made for my cousin’s birthday (the one who’s room this would be a redesign of)
  2. I didn’t want to model another one, lol.

Good eye! You can see it’s a guitar, but it looks off, hey lol.

It has a soft side because the neck and the resonator form one piece, when adding higher res with the subdivision, it creates that glad-wrap effect you see.

I’ll consider the lamp, but I never used lamps to read sheet music. Room lighting at home is usually sufficient for pianos, because it’s back is almost always facing the wall, so the light almost always shines directly onto the music. May just add a music stand as well.

Thanx for the feedback! Really appreciate it!

@Apptux: The paintings are stretched canvas and we have one in our dining room to that proportion, but I’ll thin them a bit and see how it looks. Maybe it looks better (can also make them seem bigger, which would be cool too).

The holes themselves are close to right, but most guitars have that ring pattern around the hole, making it look bigger. You can test it, but read the comment reply to Chapel, the proportions are off.

Thanx for the feedback!!!

(Marius) #8

Thanx again for the feedback guys! Still going through the checklist you guys gave, but here is a partial render of some key issues now fixed.

I added three more lamps in the room itself and reduced all the lamps’ overall strength from the one that was 2.5 to 4 now only at 1. Only 10 samples in this case.
It really shed light (lol) on the piano problem and it’s much brighter even underneath and more detail is visible there. For this render I also took off the key cover. I also spent most of the morning fixing the guitar so that it actually resembles a guitar, lol. The paintings are also a bit thinner than they were so in short the currently applied checklist went:

  1. More light, especially around the piano
  2. Guitars looked funny, were out of shape and too rounded; fix it
  3. Paintings were too thick
(Marius) #9

I would have preferred the image speak for itself, but can’t post an image alone, lol.

(Apptux) #10

Looks better. But are the paintings paintings supposed to have a kind of coating? I think it will look better when you make it a bit more like the walls.

(Marius) #11

The paint I usually use does have a bit of a gloss finish like in the picture, but not that glossy and not that flat either. It already has Normal influence turned on, but I can reduce it’s shiny-ness and increase the normal and re-render. I also noticed the paintings turning into the wall, so I’ll just have to rotate them back too.

Thanx for all your input! I’ve been using Blender since June/July about last year (2011).

(Chapel) #12

Overall impression: Much better!
guitars look almost real.
Lighting on piano is getting there.
You’ve got some unidentified lighting on the wall behind the piano. If you don’t have a “real” ligthsource in that place it looks wrong.
(And if you play music with your friend, maybe you want to offer him a chair)

(Marius) #13

Thanx!! Glad you like the guitars! This getting closer to what I want it to be. The books I want to UV or just texture using cube, but it depends on how that’ll work. The single tone color books look like those large diaries, not music theory or sheet music books. So that needs to be improves, but I like the way they are arranged, so that’ll probably remain the same

Learned some between this and the last post:

  • Partial smoothing! Such an incredible tool, especially the guitars. The one closest to the camera looked blocky before. The piano too. See the curves next to the keys, they are no longer harsh. Still want to fix the sound board in the same way. Here’s my first fly-through of the piano:
  • UV texturing! I wanted to add more of those golden spheres, but after a render I saw there was just far to many. So I threw a lot out and replaced them with bird-like figures, but there’s no generating textures for that, so I had to UV:

    Not the first time using, but the second. The first was just a test after watching a tutorial from and tried it on a cube:

I luv how they turned out. The eyes are so far back, they almost look overall like a mix between birds and dolphins. Sooo cute!!!

The light close to the wall is one of the 4 lights still to be modeled and added to the ceiling. Other furniture still to be added.

(bizla) #14

this is looking amazing

(Marius) #15

Thank you Bizla! Saw your cars WIP. Great work there!!!

I’ve added some seating here. Not super fancy chairs and couches, because it’s supposed to feel lived in, not magazine layout-ish, so the couch, sofa and seat are all first time pieces and the chairs too. The chairs were done from memory, based on an aunt of mine’s old set I saw probably a decade or more ago mixed with what my one uncle has as part of dining set right now (seen also a while back, so they do seem a bit rough, lol).

Stuff I’d still like to do, have to do and also consider leaving out:

  • Refining the chairs (kinda like 'em as is, but will see later)
  • Adding a music stand (absolute must)
  • Adding a violin somewhere (would like to, but remains a maybe)
  • Leaving the keys open, or closing the lid (still undecided)
  • Finishing the ceiling with lights, so a low-sampled video can show a panoramic view
  • Adding small tables with cloths over and coasters
  • Adding a plant or two, just so if the camera pans, there won’t be a vacant corner opposite the large sofa.
  • Finishing the wall and hall-way behind the camera (a must, because of reflections on the instruments and panning will look stupid if the only way in is through the window, LOL).
  • Finishing the books (adding individual covers to give it more of a realistic feel, think it’s 86 in all, but we’ll see).
(bizla) #16

thanks marius :slight_smile:
i think the keys on the piano should definately be left open, they show a real level of detail that isnt seen very often.
have you thought of adding more instrument like a flute and trumpet or some wind powered instruments (im not very musical,cant remember what there called lol)
good work mate, ive gotta have a look what else youve done.

(Marius) #17

Thanx! It’ll stay open then! (^^,)

This is my first real project (big project). The rest you can find on my website, but to make it easier to find:
Digital Art Gallery. I do a lot more than just Blender, so I’m sure you’ll luv browsing around the site. You can see my YouTube for some experiments and other stuff too: YouTube.
Thanx for the ideas. Do you have a place I can see more of your works?

Oh, just taking a chance here asking any and all viewers: Is there a way to have volumetric light shine through a clear material with a texture on (like above)? I know how to do the beams, but not through a clear material; it stops short. I think it’d look amazing in this scene to have slight beams of light streaming in through the back curtain.
Thank you!

(bizla) #18

i really like your piano sinking, it looks great, did it take long to make the water like that?
i dont have a place yet for my work :frowning: but im thinking of making a website soon to start showing off some of my work and maybe get some more jobs :wink: ive only been paid for 2 freelance jobs so far, and that was from “friend of a friend” work, so im sure if i get a good site to show off like your one then i could start making some decent money from my hobby, do you mind if i ask if its working out well for you?
thats a great idea with the beams of light, unfortunately i have no idea how to do that, but im sure if you figure it out that will make a prize worthy piece.

(Marius) #19

I know what you mean. It’s hard to get your name out there. If you market yourself socially, it’s a huge advantage. Like this site for example. We all make things we’d like to see made and that also functions as advertising, because word travels fast.

The website gives people a chance to see what you have done, what you can do and a way to contact you. So far, I haven’t received any job that someone said they found me through the site. But, then again it takes quite a reader base to get yourself noticed on Google (where social networking on FB and YT comes in).

So I’d say get a site up and put works up there and go nuts on social media promoting yourself with the aim of helping other people reach their goals and money being only a part of that. Since joining here, traffic to my site has been taking off a bit and I really appreciate that, but I’m also still fairly new to this with very little to no finances to market, so almost anything free I can get my hands on to get word out, I go for it.

Thank you!! Didn’t take long really, the color separation (RGB) was done with the nodes (no special render layers, just F12 and start noding, lol), mist was used to create that blue fade (distance from the camera has to be adjusted for that). The water surface is a plane with a cloud texture and RayTrace transparency with a huge white emitting sphere above.
Took the best part of the day to make, because of all the keys having to be rotated and moved, but the rest didn’t take long. That was my first real project (wanted to submit it for the Blender Guru competition).

Just google around, you’d be surprised the free software you can find that’ll enable you to do what you would like to. To give you a head start, you can see my website’s recommended sites page. There’s lots more out there though (^v^).

Hope that helps!

(bizla) #20

Cheers for all the tips, to save time i have made a portfolio on deviantart which i will start putting all my finished renders on, currently their is only one :frowning: due to my computer getting a nasty virus and deleting all my work, but it will get filled up eventually.
thats a great ideausing a plane with clouds tex and a bright light behind it, i would never have guessed looking at it that it would be that simple, i did a model a while back of a yacht in the water, looked ultra realistic but the water was done with 3 layers and displacement and a load of crap that was unessecery.
your recommended sites page is very helpful, i already use most of them but the tree gen is a great idea, ill have to use that at some point.