music sequencer script [it works now!]

hi there,

when playing music in blender games i always had the problem of files that are too big or sound too poor, so for using background music in blender games i wrote a script that works like a sequencer. you create some music loops of same length and can then play sequences of them, like: first drumloop and bassline, then drumloop, baseline and lead synth, and so on. it also sends synchronized messages so that you can let a character dance to the music or something.

there is a simple version and a version with a dancing character. the moves of the character look very poor, it is just a case study. the script is preprepre-alpha, but it should work :smiley: .

the music is a simple dnb-track, so be prepared 8)

edit: i added the python files. copy them to your blender dir.

hungry 4 comments,

Where are the other python files. You forgot to include them and it doesn’t do anything (except print no module named … over and over).

shame on me :expressionless: . was late at nite, i forgot it. now it’s workin, sorry,



the model looks fine :o

the modelling of the character was made by a guy called brian collins (it’s a quake2 model). i needed a character for creating some silly dance moves, so i only needed to do the aramture riggin. does the sound work?


I think the sound work correctly

Nice work!

I tried to do something like this earlier, although mine was more MOD-like where you had instruments and you could adjust the speed they are played at for different notes.

I really like the dancing guy hehe. He dances better than me :frowning:

i started with something like this, but the big problem is the timing. when the samples or loops are very short everyone, not only musicians can hear that they start a bit too early/late. also i think that todays trackin software is far ahead of what i could do :smiley: . btw, i found a big problem in buzz this way: when you use effect machines, the rendered wav files (rendered from the same track but with different channels on) differ a bit in the bpm. i’m very sad bout this, cause buzz is perfect for hand-made breakbeats (yeah, these were made note by note 8) ).

another thing: the whole thing is coded very toolkit-like, actually you can use this for your own tracks and dancers (or dumb spinnin cubes :wink: ) without the need to code python. anyone wants a tutorial?


Oh No…I would make a similar script… :wink:

BTW, This script is great. Thank you for sharing!

Tis is some FUNKY script, I specially like the dancing guy, makes me feel bad about my dancing abilities… I should learn from that dude now :smiley: lol

I like this, if I keep working on me game (IF), maybe I can give this script some use…

One thing, there’s a gap every now and then between the beats, is that because the wav files have the gap, or is it the script/blender?

the script can only check for the ending of one loop when it is notified. now and then it happens that the always pulse comes some milliseconds after the loop is ended. since it is music, you hear this gap. but there is always a solution, i’m thinkin bout this.

another thing: the code is slow, cause it is in a debuggin state, it can be made MUCH faster, too many ‘if’ there. will be changed.

ah, and a NOTE: it works only when saving a dynamic runtime on my machine.


Pretty cool script!

I don’t see a dancing guy, i see a rotating cube :o ?


it should be in the file. the one with the cube is just for tutorial reasons for the synch feature.