music studio (reason modelled :D) [updated!]


as some of u may know, i do also love making music. my favourite peace of software for achieving smooth tunes (heh) is reason. so i desided to modell the machines of reason in blender. check it out: (1024*768) [UPDATED!!]

tell me, what u think :smiley:

Very well done!
Looks more like an electronics lab to me :wink:
It’s very hard to see what some of the lines are pointing to since they disappear over lighter areas.

  1. pofo


Once again something I know nothing about but I do like the art.
Keep it up.


wow, who can remember all those buttons and stuff? :o
well done!!
cya henrik

Hey! That is cool :smiley:

Nice update
There’s a light spot on top of the brown box on the left.

Is any of your music downloadable somewhere? I’d like to listen to reason :wink: . The link to your site seems broken.

  1. pofo

Heh heh… It’s a good thing that you don’t actually need all that physical space. Reminds me of one corner of my old “real” studio (back in the days when you only had your Atari to do the sequencing and the rest was real hardware).

Nice going!

hmm… is all that really modelled, the “NN-XT” in bottom left looks like image map… anyways… I love machines, lights, and buttons… and lot of buttons you have here. heh…

kind of reminds me this guy “raymond scott” …



thanks for the comments :smiley:
pofo: the update was the additional text about the effect machines… heh

every lamp / button is modelled! the image map feeling is because of the zblur i guess…

hah, I thought you had tweaked the lights. shows how good my memory is :wink:

  1. pofo

Excellent work. I’ve been using Reason since it’s release and now enjoy using Reason 2, which I believe is the theme here.

I too thought you had just used the image maps from Reason, but you can tell that everything is ‘Real’.

Wish I’d thought of this one. Oh yeah nice touch with the 2 screen setup. Not possible in Reason as far as I know.

Very good work.