music sur,walking home,artists room,aero robo

I create it in blender internal.:slight_smile:
and aerorobo in yafaray render


Wow that stuff is awesome, I recognise the record player one from somewhere. Great ideas :smiley:

hi artiztz

Very nice renders! aero robo is already in the YafaRay Gallery (, I would like to include the others as well, do you agree?

Can you tell us about your prefered workflow and the settings you usually use for your renders?

nice! i especially like the cockleshell home with sattelite dish!

to Alvaro.
other works created in Internal render,only robo in yafaray.
settings blender internal is: 2 light source ,with AO

Great stuff !!!
I copy MichaelW here. My favorite too.

I’m a fan of the surrealist work. Very nice work.

Awesome work congrats! You make me believe in the possibilities of the internal renderer again…

blendernationed :wink:
very nice work.