music themed pic

hi, this was originally posted in finished projects & I got some feedback, but someone tried to start a flamewar somehow and everyone stopped posting :frowning:

technically considering most of it was 2d, made in gimp, vegas, and even the orthographic 2d camera in blender, i decided to post it here :smiley:

Maybe It’ll come in handy some day, but for now, here you go:

Don’t mind the preview thumbnails, because:
full size full quality image here:
full size node setup here:

cheers all:cool:


Very neat, although the full size is broken and I think the audio bars could be less transparent.

hey, full size was broken, but I fixed it, thanks.

also thanks for the crits, i thought that the audio bars were a bit thin, when i ever have to use this image i’ll fix them :wink: