music themed wallpaper

i worked on it for a few days, decided it was good enough, a bunch of renderlayers and stuff, not much postpro, all done in blender except for the bars which were rendered in blender, put through a video filter, and edited a bit with gimp, so here you go :cool:
full size direct link here:
node setup full size here:


any1 home? i honestly h8 bumping threads, you know how it feels :frowning:

maybe it’s the words “wallpaper” thats keeping so many people away…no c&c from anyone?

Not bad, but to me something feels wrong, i dont know what though …

Oh maybe the sharpness of the mouth? Cuz everything else is all round and smooth…i dunno…

yeah, i felt like it was missing something too but i don’t know what, but it’s finished and i’m not likely too work on it any more, so here you go :slight_smile:

i think you should write something stylish:RocknRoll:

what do you mean? :confused:

anyone else like it?

Looks very amateur.

Yeah, but you’re just being a dick to anyone who posts something not up to your standards.

Maybe you can try toon shading. I think your image will look more stylish.

@ rvngizswt, you can at least tell me in what way it looks “amateur.” i worked on this with an orange and blue theme in mind and it suits me for what i was going to do with it. next time you should give some constructive criticism plz
@sandrew, thank you, i may almost have said the same thing
@tmz, toon shading doesn’t really suit me for this image, and i just tried it, doesnt make that much of a difference, but thanks for the suggestion anyway!

Calm down, don’t get your panties in a wad. As for what exactly is, I’m not sure, just does, sorry. Also, I’m not being a dick, you guys are just being overly sensitive, much like women.

I think the problem is that it’s not clear whether the wallpaper is supposed to look cartoony or realistic. For example, the sunglasses and headphones look like they are supposed to look realistic (not entirely successfully either) while the mouth suggests a very stylized look. Speaking of which, I think the wallpaper could definitely do without the mouth at all. I feel that the bright orange glowy things are visually distracting. Also, they don’t make a whole lot of sense physically. Also, the sunglasses do not seem to have much shape at all, which looks odd against the very 3d look of the sphere. Speaking of which, the head/face pops out a lot, tending to seem rather in-your-face and filling up the screen.

Things I would change. Give the sunglasses more volume. The look very flat. They need to look 3d like the sphere does. Make the bright orange parts the same color as the rest of the headphones. The frame of the sunglasses are rather thin around the lenses. Try making the lenses smaller. Get rid of the mouth.

I like this wallpaper’s design, and it’s not bad as it is. But I do suggest you make the listed changes. I like the character’s design, and the shape of the equalizer bars seem to enhance the character’s shape. With some refinement, I could definitely see this wallpaper as a poster, or even as music album art.

Good luck!

@rvngizswt Your comment about women is unnecessary and uncalled for.

There is a difference between constructive criticism and simply being rude. It has nothing to do with being overly sensitive but everything with being civil.

I honestly don’t feel like sitting here and having a flame war, so I am done here.

@ qazplm123890 thanks for the crits, the sunglasses actually wrap around the sphere, but i was going for a 2d look, so i could probably just flatten the sphere. well, someday i may have a better use for it, fix it up, and use it for something.

@ rvngizswt you don’t have to respond to this if you see it or anything. this is blenderartists forums, unlike lots of other forums, you cant just go in and say people’s artwork looks like crap, you’re going to get a lot of hate from that, and it’s good i save my “h8ing” for other forums, otherwise i could have said some things back there that would have made my mom cry. just…it’s an artwork forum, respect other people’s artwork, if you dont have anything nice to say, it’s ok, just move to another thread.