Music To Blend To

There’s music that people should have sex to, drive to, kill to, watch porn to, and answer phones to, so I was wondering if maybe anybody here thought there was some great music for Blending.

(Incredibly off-topic, isn’t it? :o )

my choice (and playing now) though distracting for literal though (which sometimes is the point, but not useful always when programming) can be found at:

this address
(It is long, I hope it doesn’t get corrupted. It is streaming radio using windoze media player that probably only work in windoze, and in IE)

haha, yup this is VERY off-topic cough, cough, moderators, cough…nah, j/k, this is a very intresting topic…and it might get more attension in the elysiun chat forums, i dunno…but anywho, my favorite band would have to be “skapegoat wax”…its a bad-ass combo of funk, hip-hop, jazz, rock, and rap, and i find myself blending to it on many occasions :wink: …then again theres also always, Hideki Naganuma, The Latch Brothers, sytem of a down, gorrilaz, alien ant farm, etc, etc…

My choices for music for blending are Deutsch Nepal and Delerium (early works, before Semantic Spaces). Most of the time. Those suit quite well, because they have te right mood and they suit extremely well for background music. Other good ones aer Ulver’s album Perdition city, almost all byTangerine Dream, Dead Can Dance and In The Nursery.

When I just “blend” for fun I don,t listen to music…but when I blend for a long period of time I need something to keep me concentrate so I put on some punk music…most of the time I listen to NOFX…it give me a feeling that speed me up…that way I blend faster :smiley: (it works for real!)

That would depend on the project. Most of the time it is Jazz or Trip-Hop (ala Portishead). Did a model of a small engine to Einsturzende Neubauten.
Underworld seems to inspire complex scenes for me. Whatever the mood of the project.

DISCLAIMER: I’m a teetotaler myself, so don’t take this seriously, but…

How about Jimmy Buffet’s “Wasting Away In Margaritaville”?

“There’s booze in the blender
And soon it will render…”

-Daniel Huddleston

*dittohead listens to Skillet, Audio Adrenaline, Kutless, Switchfoot, Descent 3 soundtrack, and trickstyle soundtrack…

awesome stuff!

Bach or Beefheart.

If I’m having a long Blender session, then I’m usually in the process of getting wasted, so that means dance music. From techno to house. Then tend to end up chilling to hip hop.

But if I’m Blending on a Friday or Saturday night then I use the Listen again player here:-

My favorites here are:- (Click name below to listen.)

Fergie and or Judge Jules and or Essential selection and or Essential Mix and or Seb Fontaine – for hard house, progressive house, trance and techno.

Gilles Peterson (Worldwide) – for really chilled out beats and trip hop.

Tim Westwood Fri night Sat night (Radio1 rap show) – for awesome hip hop and rap.

Fabio and Grooverider. – For mental drum and bass.


Trance and techno

Yo QWERT, you should try to find stuff from a band called RinneRadio, they’re sort of ambient/jazz/trip-hop group, I think you’d like it :wink:

i like goa while working :slight_smile:
… are there no metallica st anger fans out there?

Depends… at the moment I’ve got my memories of the first Unreal in my head… I’ve put the CD in and downloaded ModPlug Player and chilling out to this fantastic game… this game is something… who hasn’t played Unreal?! and I’m not going on about Unreal Tournament… tried out the single player?

Game music can face you in the right direction… just depends how you feel…

I’ve been listening a lot to Falling You {check out “hope thrown down” and “something about eve”}. Works as background music when you turn it down low, but if you listen, it has strong emotions and mood to inspire you.

What do you mean “should” have…?

Music has become the crack habit of the 21st Century, in my opinion. There’s nothing wrong with it, per se, but I always find it amusing the way that people, no matter what they’re doing, simply must have some kind of music playing. What ever happened to plain, genuine silence? What ever happened to thought and introspection - devoid of the aural distraction that modern-day music has become?

I rarely listen to music any more. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that thinking about reality and things that matter is far more interesting than hearing for the 100th time how so-and-so got dumped, or how much you mean to me, bay-beh, bay-beh, bay-beh…etc…bleh.

This bears some striking parallels to what you see in the popular media…an endless, nauseating rerun in one form or another of the same bad plot, over, and over, and over, and over…give or take a few variations. There are some exceptions, but they are just that - exceptions.

what the!!!, i dont think ive ever seen anyone that actually disliked music :expressionless: …personally i listen to music all the time…so what? music doesnt distract me from what im doing…i mean…how can you live without music? said it was the, “crack” habit of the 21st century, i dont think so…its human nature man…we ALL listen to music, and we all should listen to music, its a part of us…since the begging of time we have all made and listened to music…its the oldest art form, and its part of being human…just because you dont like some modern-day music, doesnt mean you shouldnt listen to SOME form of it…hey p_vertex, how much you wanna bet someday youll listen to music as much as the rest of us, c’mon, how much?! :stuck_out_tongue: …but what you said about popular media i do somewhat agree with…i have a game company, and our games are just the opposite of that…anywho, guess thats it for me…

I listen to music… it sounds good depending on how the quality is :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah, if you don’t listen to music, there is no beat…
No beat is good for typing, because you are thinking of what to say…
but when blending, you need a deep down rythym something to get you pumping, flowing, moving, blending :stuck_out_tongue: something that turns you on…
No I don’t mean in that sense :expressionless: ANYWAy… like I said, you generally want music while blending… normally I don’t listen though… dang, I aught to

Have fun all :þ
and cube, your posts are getting less worthless by the day :stuck_out_tongue: keep it up :smiley:

usually if i listen to music while blending, i just get distracted by it without noticing. And then 5 minutes later i realise and start working again. So i have to be careful what i listen to.

Kinda got weird tastes in music, don’t like things in genres. I just gotta hear a song, and i either like it or not. Sometimes i get hooked on an artist for a while, and basically just listen to them until i get bored and find someone else.

For Blending, eh? I like Spin Doctors, Faith No More, and a mix cd I made with NIN, Tool, Snot, Ministry, AIC, and Static X on it. Good stuff. A fast, hard, sometimes funky beat is just what I need to blend properly. It keeps me moving. Right now I’m listening to a Megadeth, KMFDM, and Full Devil Jacket mix. :smiley: