Music to blend to

What’s everyones favourite music to blend to?

I’m currently rediscovering Vangelis after mostly listening to Trance / Ambient music / Kraftwerk.

Track 15, “Psalmus Ode” on Vangelis Reprise 1990 - 1999 album is very very very very good.


I listen to a lot of different things while blending, mostly songs from the 70-80s… You just can’t beat disco…

i always blend to Sensetive Music

my dad buys music off of the iTunes music store, mostly stuff he listened to when he was young. so like YES, Rush, and emerson lake and palmer.

I blend to Howard Shore’s excellent LOTR music, as well as Josh Groban and Andrea Boccelli.


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Cant go wrong with Classical

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Currently on my playlist:
-Linkin Park
-Matchbox Twenty
-Goo Goo Dolls
-Our Lady Peace
-LOTR Soundtrack
-Gladiator Soundtrack
-Last Samurai Soundtrack

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As for the topic, I prefer silence when Blending. I lose concentration quite easily. I’m a bit of an insomniac for the same reason hence you will see some of my posts happen in the early hours of the morning.

Everything :smiley:
But currently lots of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ventures, Skulls, Nightwish, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Sage Francis, Johnny Cash, and abuncha other stuff (did I miss any genres there? ;))

i got about 3000 songs on my comp right now… I got everything except rap and pop hate those genres. Favorite bands are Metallica, Queen, Rob Zombie, Led Zepplin, Billy Talent, The Darkness. These are my general bands that I listen too but… When I depressed its Evanesence, Our Lady Peace, The Distillers. Trying to get hyped up Metallica, Supultra, Rob Zombie. In a calm mood Queen, Led Zepplin, some Metallica, NOFX, AFI,
And the list just goes on and on but mostly i’m a hardcore rocker I mean the type of guy you see right in the moshpit(sp?) with a mohawk and giving the devil sign while jumping up and down enough to tire out a professional skipper!

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Blending (and everything else) to:

Amon Tobin
Boards of Canada
Chris Clark
Kid Koala




or my short-list, used for both intensive coding and blending sessions (a day or more):

Pimeä Tie - Leevi & The Leavings
Kristallitiara - Maija Vilkkumaa
Shape of My Heart - Sting (& The Police)

Altough with my current short production I also listen often days on end to the same piece of music:

Phantom Regiment, by American composer Leroy Andersson, and performed by LA Symphony Orch. directed by Slatkin


I don’t listen to any music while blending, unlike you people music distracts me.

Tool, obviously.

Right now mostly brass stuff: Sokol Fanfare from Janácek’s Sinfonietta, de Meij’s LOTR music (not the movie), a Chesnokov chorale, Gabriel Fauré’s Pavane.

I don’t listen to music while blending, it distracts me. :wink:

That’s why I listen to music when blending. :wink:

Slayer “God Hates Us All”
Fantomas “Director’s Cut”
Hendrix “Electric Ladyland”
Jerry Cantrell"degredation trip"
Joe Satriani"live in S.F"
Fionna Apple"When the pawn"
Zeppelin ll
mostly anything produced by Rick Rubin