Music Video for Robot Band

I am looking for a creator of a 3 minute fully rendered music video for an indie band project. The band “Robots of the 80s” presents a fusion of Kraftwerk and 80s new wave synth sounds, with lyrics dealing with the inner thoughts and feelings of its robot members. The video would showcase their debut single “I want to be” from their album to be released together with the video.

There exists a textured and rigged blender model for the main robot character (see attached pic). Apart from that I would give full creative freedom for the video, within the limits of the music video genre. I have a certain budget for the project which would be in the range of 500-1000 EUR, but would probably not cover the full work effort.


Hey, are you still looking for someone? I am a 2d animator, so much more involved as its for the most part a frame by frame, but I may be able to help you out depending on the style you’re looking for

Hallo cadencox,

Yes I am still looking for someone to create some footage for the music video of the “Robots of the 80s”.
Somehow I reconsidered the way it should be produced, stepping back from a full feature story towards just a few a rendered sequences which are then cut to the music. A bit like the old Kraftwerk classic video “Musique non stop” but of course with a little more elaborate rendering technology available now. The robot would need just a bit of animation, with some synced lights to the vocals of the song (the mouth). The robot model is already rigged. Dynamics could also come from the camera movements.

Would that sound interesting to you ? I have some ideas for the short sequences, but would be very open to any creative input.

Best regards, Heiko

Hi Heiko,
That does sound interesting, I will send you a direct message!

hi , id like to apply too . id like to know what do you have in mind . here is my insta for my 2d and 3d work
insta @musavver_art .

also do share your turnaround time required
Hope to hear from you


Hey! Very interested in this project.

Check out my work on Instagram @Entiteta

I think the theme of the band would fit my style

Hi! In case you’re still looking for someone to work on this I’m very interested! I’m a junior 3D animator and I have a particular liking to music videos, as I’ve filmed a few before but never animated for one.

You can check some of my personal 3D work on instagram under the name @pojos_3d_spam and I post most of the video and directing stuff on @pojoquiet.

Thanks for your time!