MUSIC VIDEO !!!Green screening.

MUSIC VIDEO !!!Green screening.
Okay I am making a video of myself against a green screen, the idea
of the animation…I will use is of my choice but I wanted to know if it
is possible to put my video in blender or over lay it and under layer it in
another program what do you think will work, I am a musician so it is my
own composition…my own lyrics etc etc…em…I will upload my sketches
ad storie boards tomorrow for now i must away!:):slight_smile:

You’ll need at least three layers to do this.
Layer 1 - the overlay - Key out a background color to let the other layers show through.
Layer 2 - the green screen - Key out the green to let the third layer show through.
Layer 3 - The underlay - Nothing to key out.

Pinnacle studio can do this. There are some freeware apps that can do it also. Best of luck to you.

  • Floyd

Actually, Blender’s built-in “sequence editor” can do this now.

awesome thank you!YAY

…you could use Adobe after effects…but it kinda costs $1000


Odeary me lol
nope I am not going for commercial
anyway im leaving this for awhile
working on a game mean while

This is a great tute.
Teaches how a green screen keyer works.
It’s a good way to understand the power of nodes too.

awesome! thank you guys

I can recommend two programs…money is still involved

  1. Sony Vegas studio - Works pretty well (about $80 bucks at best buy)
  2. VisonLab FX ($500) Wonderfull for greenscreening and amazing special effects…and one site I remember you get a 9" by 12" green screen included with it.

also i wanted to ask about camera’s and the people who wear the white dots that are picked up by the camera then used to animate the character in real time?does blender BLENDER have this capabilities? and i want to use blender only not other programs… also i have a good vid cam is it possible to do this by home made?

Yes blender can do green screening quite fine.
Use the tutorial pappy posted, it should give
you a good result.

if you want something more simple, try this one:

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