Music Video: Kiss Kiss, "Machines"

This is a video i directed and animated for the band Kiss Kiss (Eyeball Records).

All the animation is done in Blender (2.42) with 2D done in Gimp. Some comping done in AE 6.5 and the final edit done in Final Cut 5.1.4… When I have time i’ll learn nodes and try the NLE in Blender, but at present this is the workflow that best serves me and enables me to work with my editor (as in a person who edits, not software).

I used the ambient occlusion and hemi lights to get that soft lighting that i find to look really nice in stylized 3D (like PsyOps). The robots eyes were done with shadeless materials and everything was done with the internal renderer.

You can see it here:

or, here

thats sick…nice music too.
and i usually hate rock.

5 stars.

freakin excellent, man. Shoulda been the title track to Fast Food Nation. 5*

I had to watch it without music since my speakers broke, so I can’t comment on the music, but the blending is fantastic. 5* also. It makes me wonder what people eat…:wink:

sick video. sick song too. cool style of animation and well done! props

Really consistent as far as animation went! Sort of suited the music, which by the way is SICK!

HAWT work dude!

Sweet job. Love the set-up and style.

bravo! really impressive. nice editing and wonderful character designs. i like vacuum walker machines.

Very nice video. I like the style and you’ve executrd it very well.

Good job, I like this a lot. :slight_smile:

Exellent! i really like it :slight_smile:

Now, that was a bit different. Awesome animation though.


Really great, and very different, nice message as well.

lol that was well bizarre, though the animation was really good. Can’t so as much for the music though…I muted it.

Frikkin Brilliant man. A Creepy world for an amazing song…

100 stars.

Your Clip has a unique style and is really awesome although i dislike the music ! 5 stars :yes:

Great colors. it fits really well on the music.

I loved this music video, I’ve seen it twice so far. The style, colors, and models are fantastic. The points that really stuck out at me were: the stock chart for the burger company, the suction farmers, and the nuke going off. The robots were awesome, and your modeling matched the style of the music perfectly. Your cuts were short enough to keep the energy in the music video up. My only critique would be the walk cycle of the burger animals, it seemed a little clunky (even if that was the style you were going for) compared to everything else in the movie.

Great job.

nice work! just managed to see this, very nicely done. The style of the video really works for the song.

I like it
Pm me with some tricks about rigging … :eyebrowlift2: i`m stuck