Music Video of an 80's Electro Song

When I first heard Ian Darby’s 1984 song Taking The Waterfront By Force I thought “Who is this guy and why have I never heard of him?”

I put together a music video of the song using the Cranborg Script for Blender:
(there’s a slightly different version of the video on YouTube)

Actually, I had wanted to upload a better quality format of the song but then had trouble getting it under the 500mb limit. Of course, I may be doing something wrong. The image sequence itself takes up almost the entire file size and consists of 7200 .jpg images totalling 660MB.

Comments appreciated!

That is pretty cool.

oooh! wave modifiers :)!

There are wave modifiers?? Until now I had been doing it all by hand! :slight_smile:

Seriously, I enjoy using them 1. because it’s easy to imagine the waves following the music and 2. because it’s a nice way to bring out the underlying complexity of various meshes without taking people on a 3-D ride.

There’s probably a better way of doing it than uploading an image sequence. If you set blender to export to a movie format (i prefer h.264, but windows users generally like avi), it should cut down size considerably. Or you could import the image sequence into another program and encode it from there. An image sequence is possibly the most inefficient way of storing a movie (though sometimes useful for editing).