Music Video Preview

A friend asked me to do a simple music video with stick figures and such, for a song he wrote. It’s very story driven. I’m just about finished, and decided I post a preview. The whole video will be just over 2 minutes, but here is about 20 seconds. Lemme know what you think before I finalize the whole video. I’m also gonna post some screen shots of the various parts of the video.’

It’s been kinda challenging, and felt “fast” at times, because I only had around 130 seconds to tell this story without talking… just animation. Either way, I think art style is fitting all around, and my friend said it looked exactly like he wanted.

Basically the way it works is, I did all the animation and modeling, in different scenes and files and sent them to my friend (the one who wrote the song) and he pieced them together and added some minor video effects/transitions.

Here is the preview video

And a few minor screen shots (some of which are old and not final, but give a good representation of the final video)