Music Video render

I’m making sort of a retro music video about a black silhouette in a cave and I’d like too hear you guy’s opinion on the first render of the scene I’m working on. Its an idea that I’ve been wanting to try out in blender for awhile and now I’ve actually started I’m not sure if its turning out the way I’d like it. But yes I know the cave is really low poly I’m doing that on purpose because I like the retroness of it; looking forward to hearing the community’s opinion! Thanks!

^ link to the music and my blog


In the first image, the “mushrooms” brightness in the background, I think is great! If you gave that brightness to the rest of the mushrooms I think the overall environment will have a better look to it.

thanks I decided to take your advice and change the mushrooms in the foreground to a .3 brightness like the ones in the background. The results are alright, showing off more of the geometry Ill post a pic

Yea seems to be working; why are the mushrooms in the foreground darker then the ones in the back, or is that just an illusion lol. Yea I think the “brightness” gives a life on to itself plus very complementary to the white beady eyes.